Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Currently

Hello, dear friends!

I linked up yesterday to tell you 5 random things about my week, but I just can't resist linking up with Farley, from Oh, Boy Fourth Grade, each month with her "Currently".  I look forward to this each month.  It's so much fun and I LOVE reading what everyone else is "currently" doing.  

I'm definitely loving the new fonts from the AMAZING Cara Carroll that I used in the picture above.

Well, it's Saturday morning in  my house.  Brayden is awake, which means the Disney Channel is on.  So, I am listening to Phineas and Ferb.  I actually like this show.  It's cute and very entertaining.  My husband enjoys watching it, too.  Phineas is such a cute little character.  

In EXACTLY one month I will be at the beach.  I haven't been on a real vacation.  EVER!  What I mean by "real" is one that lasts more than a couple of days.  We will be spending the whole week down at the beach and I cannot wait.  It's Brayden's first vacation, too.  We'll need some prayers.  He's never been in a car that long.  It's a 3-4 hour ride down the beach.  

I woke up this morning to some snow flurries.  My first thought was, oooohhhhh pretty, but that quickly turned to YUCK.  I am OVER this cold weather.  This past week has been nothing but cold and rainy weather here in the South.  I need warm weather.  I need it NOW.  I've said this before...I HATE BEING COLD.  It's now March.  WARM WEATHER GET HERE NOW...THAT'S AN ORDER!

I want a whole new hairstyle.  I've never dyed my hair.  I refuse to until I see lots of gray hairs popping through.  (Please hold off, gray hairs!).  I always do the same hairstyle.  If I change it up, I just add some blonde highlights.  I'm wanting a change without dying my hair.  Decisions, decisions...

I need new clothes.  I really do.  I'm the worst girl in the world when it comes to shopping   I just don't know how to shop.  I need to hire someone to do all my shopping for me.  I'm just not good at it.  I need a new wardrobe.  I'm hoping that I can rope my momma into going with me and helping me buy some stuff.  That's what mommas are for, right?  

Farley gave us such a hard task this month.  We had to come up with 3 words for like, love, hate.  Super easy, right?  How about with the first letter of you name?  The easy part depends on which letter you have.

So, I'm Jeannie.  I had to really think about things that start with J

Like: Jimmy from "Smash"

I really like the show "Smash".  This season they have a new character on her whose name is "Jimmy".  He's sorta kinda a bad guy, which is turn on.  I've always been attracted to "the bad guy" but I never went for it.  I married a truly "good guy" and couldn't be happier, But, back to the "bad guys".  He is super cute and he can SING.  Melts my heart.  So, Jimmy from "Smash".  I like you.

Love: Jersey Mikes

This one was EASY.  In fact, yesterday I had my obsession for Jersey Mikes in my Five for Friday linky.  The only thing I dislike about Jersey Mikes is how expensive their subs are.  However, they are ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS.  Love, love, love me some Jersey Mikes!

Hate: Juggling
This was the hardest for me.  I don't hate many things, and couldn't think of many things with the letter J.  Then, juggling came into my head.  No, I don't hate the circus.  No, I don't hate clowns.  My hate for juggling is weird.

I college, we had to take a PE Methods class.  Why?  I have no idea, I have no desire to be a PE teacher.  Anyway, we had to learn to juggle.  Not only did we have to learn to juggle, but it was a GRADE.  I am one of the most uncoordinated people that you will ever meet, I even walk weird feet go opposite ways.  So, we started off with juggling 1 scarf.  I can throw one scarf in the air and catch it.  When 2 scarfs came along, I was thinking this is easy, I CAN DO THIS.  Then, the dreaded 3 scarfs came along.  For the life of me, I could not do it.  I just can't juggle.  I looked around my class and saw lots and lots of people juggling 3 scarfs.  Some even mastered that and went to juggling 3 balls.  So, my hate of juggling stems from the fact that I couldn't figure out who to do it.  

I got a C in "juggling".  

Link up and tell us all about what you are "currently" doing.

Lots of love,


  1. Juggling cracks me up . . . I would have thought it linked to the circus and clowns for sure (my number one enemy in life). I never thought it would have been an actual class. Fantastic story! I am shaking my fist at your juggling teacher for ya :)

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  2. March currently is quite similar to yours! I can't wait for Spring Bring. Ours begins next week. However, it is 30 degrees today where I live, and I really would like some spring weather to go along with spring break!


  3. I am ready for warm weather. Two more weeks for my spring break. We can do it!
    My Second Sense

  4. Love "Smash" and I agree with your whole statement on Jimmy... I married a good guy too {correction, great guy} but I feel ya on the bad boy thing :)

    Teaching In Oz

  5. "Smash" fan myself! There is something about that show...very well written.
    I always think about a new hair do...always resort back to the same old same old. One day...
    We had professional development called Quantum...we had to learn to juggle during it...brain related! Ug! I think the instructor just wanted to show off his juggling skills! :-)
    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun

  6. I'm seeing a trend on these currentlys....we're all excited about spring coming, we all need to be pampered, and we're all wanting new clothes. I think we should have a BIG OL' BLOGGER PAMPERING day! :)

    Hope you have SO much fun on your vacation!!

    Teaching Maddeness

  7. I used juggling, too - though not the same meaning, lol. I have a similar jump rope story. Still in the "j" theme though!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    Suntans and Lesson Plans