Monday, June 23, 2014

Change is Hard

Hello, Friends!

I last blogged on May 14th.  Wow! Let me explain where I've been.  Physically, I've been in good ol' South Carolina.  Mentally, I was not here.

I was having fun ending the school year with my little munchkins.  I was even planning how I wanted to decorate my room and what I wanted to leave up on my walls.  I won't even mention that I was thinking about what I wanted to change about my lessons for the the upcoming year.

Two days.  Two days before the end of the year, I was called into my principal's office.  She said that I was being moved to 3rd grade.  I cried and cried.  I didn't want to leave 2nd grade. I've been teaching 2nd grade for four years.  I taught 5th my first year and asked to move.  I love the little kids.  I wish that I had my early childhood degree.  

I felt like my heart shattered.  I didn't understand.  I didn't want to understand.  A teacher that I work with told me that I was letting the Devil win.  She was right.  I let the Devil right on into my heart.  I was furious and upset.  I took home ALL of my teaching stuff.  It's currently stretched from one end of the hallway to the next. When I said that I was upset, I meant it.  My plan was not to return.  I wanted to get another job.I didn't want to talk about it.  I wanted to pretend that in August she was going to change her mind.

Well, I truly believe that God places people where they need to be.  I did not get another job, and I am okay with that. It has taken me until  now, to be okay with the decision.  
I got over it.  Today, I finished up my long range plans and sent them to my team leader to see what she thought.  I'm actually a little excited.  Change is hard, but change is also good. 

My principal did not want me to loop.  But, the good news is that I will know almost every child that will be in my classroom next year with the exception of any new students who enroll.  It is really neat that I will get to start my year off already knowing my students.  That is exciting.  

So, that's where I've been. I'm heading to the beach next week.  I'm ready for a vacation.  I should be back to blogging at least once a week after that.  I miss my friends.

Last, I'm now having to think about changing my blog's name.  Huh...lots to think about.

Lots of love,