Thursday, May 9, 2013

Measurement Madness

Hello, friends!

What a week it has been in my classroom.  Our state had the PASS Test this week for 3-8th graders.  Even though my students didn't have to take the test, we were miserable.  The 3rd grade hall is right beside us, so we had to be QUIET.  Quiet for the WHOLE DAY!  Ugh! It's so hard to keep the little ones quiet.  I am wore out and utterly exhausted!

Even though we've had to be quiet, this week we've had lots of fun.  We've been learning about measurement for going on 3 weeks now.  This week, we made a measurement book, laughed at some ninjas, went on a measurement hunt, and even played with our food.  Check out my kiddos learning how fun measurement can be below!

First up, we made our books. 

Then, we learned that ninjas are so cool.
Note: These come in color, but I ran out of colored ink so we had black and white ninjas.  Blah!  They loved it anyway!

The measurement hunt wasn't as fun when you have to be completely quiet.  But, this little boy learned what a "widow" is. :-)

Last, we played with GUMMY WORMS.  We measured, stretched them, broke them in half, measured again, and then gobbled them all up!

I just LOVE this face.  He didn't know they were sour gummy worms. :-)

I used two different packets this week for math. One is my Measurement Ninjas packet. The other is a super cute packet from Mrs. Prince &Co.  Click the pictures of both packets to check them out.  

It's almost Friday.  One more day of PASS Testing.  I'm doing a happy dance right now!

Lots of love,

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  1. I think it's so awesome that you still had your kiddos complete engaging activities even though you had to be quiet. That looks like a lot more fun than a boring old worksheet. :)

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County