Monday, May 20, 2013

Field Day Fun

Happy Monday, friends!

I told y'all that I'd be back to share some of the fun and excitement from our annual Field Day.  I have a love and hate relationship with Field Day.  It's so much fun to see my students having fun and working together.  I also get out of lesson planning for a couple of hours. didn't hear me say that.  Other than it being hot and lots and lots of walking, it really do enjoy it. Check out our pictures.

Potato Sack Race...Super Cute Jumpers

Roll a Tire Around the Cones...they thought this was so much fun!

Ball Hug...lots of laughs from my smarties here. 

This was probably my most favorite activity to watch them do.  They had to run and grab pizza boxes.  The catch was that each person on their team had to grab one while keeping all the other ones.'s a little harder than it sounds.  They LOVED this.  

Big Feet Anyone?  

My kiddos begged me to do Tug of War with them.  We were up against one of my teacher friends, so of course I said yes.  I only have 13 kids, so I thought it was only fair that I help.  My class won every time.  

So, enough about Field Day.  How about a little freebie for my favorite friends?

Yesterday, I posted about my love for Duck Dynasty.  I created a super cute and fun packet that you can see here using the Fry Words.  I just love these little ducks so much that I created another packet with them.  Click the picture below to download it.  It's a FREEBIE.  I hope your students enjoy!  I didn't get to take any pictures today since I am finishing up reading bench marking   Anyone hear a sarcastic yay???? 

I hope everyone had a terrific Monday!

Lots of love,

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