Monday, May 6, 2013

I Appreciate Y'all

Hello, friends!

Teachers are amazing individuals.  Every day, we not only are teachers but we have so many other titles as well.  I've been mom, dad, nurse, dentist, and a friend just to name a few.  I know that every teacher knows what I mean.  We never realize how many lives we actually touch.  Again, teachers are amazing and humble.  I wish everyone truly understood what being a "teacher" really means.  Step foot into my classroom for just an hour (or less) and you'd understand.

It's Teacher Appreciation week.  I am teaming up with the amazing TpT community for a sale.  My whole store will be 20% off.  I hope that you can find some packets to use for the end of the year or start saving for next year. Don't forget to enter the code TAD12 for additional savings! Click here to go to my store. 

ADORABLE graphic made from the talented Beth.  See her TpT store hereShe is amazingly talented.  The clip art that I use comes from 3 or 4 sellers.  She's definitely one of them! LOVE her!

I truly appreciate all of my followers.  I am humbled that you take the time to read what I have to write.  I've only been a blogger for 7 months, but I have enjoyed every minute of it.  I love to share what's happening in my classroom.  I only hope that you've been able to use some of it as well.  

To show my appreciation to you, I'm going to have a giveaway.  I am going to give away a $50 gift card to a store of your choice to one lucky person.  What would you choose?  TpT? Target? Kohls? Starbucks? The possibilities are endless.  And, the best part is that's it's all up to you! Good luck and enter below!

Note: You have to live in the United States so that I can mail it to you.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Poster from

I'm proud to be a teacher! You are all AMAZING.  Happy Teacher Appreciation week!

This giveaway has ended. Thank you to everyone who entered.  I appreciate y'all more than you'll ever know.  Andrea, you are the lucky winner.  I sent you an email.  So, check your inbox. :-)

Lots of love,


  1. Hello,
    I would spend the $50 on things on my wish list. It is 5 pages long right now. Pretty sad?? I would use the money for the classroom to make next year even better.

  2. I would choose Kohls or TPT.

  3. If I won, I would choose a TpT gift certificate. My wish list is ever-growing! There are so many wonderfully creative teachers posting amazing products that I NEED! ;)

  4. What an awesome giveaway...thank you! I would choose Target! I can't get out of there without a cart full of stuff I don't really need. :)

    Mrs. D's Firsties

  5. I would spend my $50 at TpT! I will (hopefully!) have my very own classroom next year so I would love to spend $50 at TpT buying things for my classroom!

    Recess and Beyond

  6. would more than likely spend my $50 at TPT! One can never have enough resources ;-) Thank you for the chance at winning and ALL that you do :-)

  7. So many wonderful choices, but I think that I would have to go with Target so I can start buying baby things. :)

    Heather (

  8. TPT! I am so addicted to all the awesome resources... I just purchased my 100th item {and this is only my first year teaching haha!}

  9. Wow, I think I would choose TPT. My wish list continues to get longer every week. Thank you for your dedication.


  10. I would spend my $50 at hobby lobby to make fun new crafts for the next school year! It's always fun to give your room a nice little update! :)

  11. Since this is my first year teaching, I would spend my $50 at TPT stocking up on lots of organization things, as well as more stuff for my kiddos!

  12. If it could be a Visa, I'd use it for school tuition

  13. What a wonderful giveaway!! I would chose Target probably. I seriously LOVE that store!


  14. I would choose TpT or Amazon! What an amazing and incredibly generous giveaway! Happy Teacher's Appreciation Week!

    A is for Apple B is for Blog

  15. I'm a new follower and found you through Doodle Bugs. Hmm..I'd probably choose a TPT gift card. :) Thanks for the opportunity! Come visit me on my blog!

  16. What a fantastic giveaway! Who wouldn't LOVE a TPT gift card to help with all those WISHLIST items!?!?! I would be honored! I am thrilled to have found you through the 5 for Friday linky! Looking forward to being a new follower! I would be honored to have you stop by for a visit!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  17. How awesome!!! My gut says Target because I simply love that store!! HAHA- every time I bring something into school, my kids ask if I got it from Target! HAHA! However- I think I would have to go with TpT because there are so many more resources I'd love to get!! :)

    Smiles from 2nd Grade

  18. What a great giveaway! I am your newest follower and just entered your giveaway! I'd go for TPT or Target - my birthday is May 30th and I'd love to get some new summer dresses! :)