Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Days are Productive

Hello, Friends!

I've thoroughly enjoyed my snow days this week.  We started Tuesday with a dismissal at noon. Wednesday and Thursday were snow days.  We have a 2 hour delay in the morning. 

What I like about living in the south is that the snow clears up pretty quickly and we don't have to miss too many days like my friends in the north.  However, what I hate about living in the south is that we don't have the equipment to handle snowstorms. When it snows here it quickly turns to ice which makes for awful driving conditions.  I'm sure that y'all heard on the news about all of the accidents.  It took my husband 3 hours (usually a 40 minute commute) to get home.  He actually got stuck.  His truck just wasn't doing its job.  My brother had to come and get him.  

What I enjoyed most about our snow days was that this was Brayden's first snow.  He LOVED it.  We had so much fun.   

These pictures were taken 3 hours later.  We got a good 2 inches of snow. 
Today, there was no snow to play in.  It's all melted an turned to slush.  We've just been silly all day. 

I have been a little productive despite being lazy.  ;-) I finished my Puzzlin' Prefixes and Suffixes. It's a freebie. Click either picture to download yourself this freebie. 

Last, I finished another product that I've been working on.  My students will fLiP when I show them this packet.  My teammates and I are going to figure out some lyrics to "What Does the Clock Say".  I'll share when they are all written.  Click the picture below to check this packet out. My students will be using a QR code scanner and finding the correct clock.  

I hope everyone has had a great week whether your had snow days or were at school all week. Friday is right around the corner. 

Lots of love,