Friday, January 17, 2014

Five for Friday

It's Friday, Friends!

I am lucky enough to be off today.  Today is an optional teacher workday in my district. So, I slept in until 8:30, attempted to make a fire (FAIL), and am now waiting for little man to wake up from his nap.

It's been such a busy week.  Brayden turned 2 on Sunday.  Insert sad face here. At school, we had fun learning about surveys, prefixes, and suffixes, having our biography museum, and even a a little science experiment to end the week.  

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for her Five for Friday.  Take a look at all the fun we had this week.  

Number 1:
First, Brayden's birthday was on Sunday.  His cousins all had the flu (YUCK).  So we decided to have a small birthday party with just the 3 of us.  We bought him a cupcake just for him, we took him to Olive Garden for supper, and just relaxed and snuggled.  He had a great birthday, but it is so hard to believe that he is 2.  Time flies.  

He didn't like getting his hands all dirty, so he decided to eat his cupcake with his mouth.  Then, he laughed and laughed.  Silly little thing! 

Number 2:  
We began our graphing unit on Monday.  This is one of my favorite units. We've been taking surveys this week and learning how to turn our data into a graph.  I'll be pulling out my roll and graph activities next week.  

Number 3:
I started teaching my little ones about prefixes and suffixes.  We sang a song (we sing a song for everything) and then started on our puzzles.  We will be doing this again next week, since we had to stop early.  This will be a freebie for you soon!

Number 4:
Another 2nd grade teacher and I have decided to have "fun" Fridays where we take all of our quizzes and tests in the morning and we do some sort of learning activity in the afternoon.  I passed out all the materials and they had to make a paper clip float.  After letting them try, I showed them the video on how to do it.  They all went back to their tables and were ecstatic when the paper clip floated.  :-)

Number 5:
We've been studying biographies and held our biography museum on Thursday. I used Amanda from Teaching Maddeness' unit.  They LOVED it and were adorable.  Click here to check her unit out.  

Meet Sacajawea, Amelia Earhart, Betsy, Ross, Gabby Douglas, and Annika Sorenstam 

Meet Abraham Lincoln, Dale Earnhardt, Walt Disney, Peyton Manning

Take a look at all of the celebrities.  Can you spot David Beckham, John Cena, and Taylor Swift? 

I hope that y'all have had a GREAT week.  Enjoy your weekend.  

Lots of love,


  1. Love all of your biography cuties! How cute!! Happy belated birthday to your little one! I know you have enjoyed the day with him!

    1. Thank you! We sure did enjoy the day together! :-)

  2. The biography pictures are so cute. I love the little Abe. Thanks for sharing.


  3. The biographies are super cute!! I love how you had a sweet, simple birthdate for your son. I sometimes feel Pinterest makes birthdays seem like they have to be a big production. Have a great weekend.
    A Tall Drink of Water

    1. I agree. Pinterest can be overwhelming and intimidating when it comes to party plans. I had a big party planned, but thoroughly enjoyed the small party we had at home.

  4. Hi Jeannie!

    I love all your pictures. Your son is adorable!
    "Fun Fridays" is such a great idea. (I teach 2nd too). Kids need some free exploration time. We just started our "passion projects" on Fridays. Today was our first celebration. I will think of you next Friday!

    :) Shelley

    The Perks of Teaching Primary

    1. Thank you! :-) Passion Project Fridays sounds interesting. This was week two of "fun Fridays" and they love it. Makes Fridays so much fun. :-)

  5. You had a busy week! Love the biographies. What a great way for the students to really get to know their famous person. Such a fun and engaging activity. Happy late birthday to your little man!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

    1. Thank you! They had a blast and definitely learned a lot. :-)

  6. Hi Jeannie! I found your blog through Doodle Bug's Linky. I love how you celebrated your biography unit! We are just about to start ours...well, in a month or so! Great ideas!

    Kate :)
    McDee's Busy Bees

    1. Thank you! Have fun with your biography unit. :-)

  7. Happy 2nd to your little guy Jeannie!
    I have a 2 1/2 year old and whoa the amount of talking he does now is crazy and awesome!! Enjoy!
    Elyse :)
    Proud to be Primary

    1. I'm waiting for his language skills to pick up even more. I can't wait!