Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Game Plan for the Week

Happy Saturday, Friends!

I decided to get my plans all done today since the Super Bowl is tomorrow.  If you've been reading my blog, you know I am a HUGE football fan.  I'm puling for Peyton Manning and his Broncos tomorrow.

Since I actually have them finished, I was able to have time to create some visual plans for you. I'm usually still doing lesson plans on Sunday at 9:00, so I very rarely have time to share my week with you.  Yay for being productive.  Maybe I can keep this up! ;-)

So, here is the game plan for the week.

In reading, we are still plowing through fables.  We will be reading That's Not Fair Hare, Andy and the Lion, The Rabbit and the Turtle, The Blind Men and the Elephant, and Town Mouse and Country Mouse.  I found two ADORABLE packets below that I have been using throughout this unit for guided reading groups and shared reading.

In math, we are finishing up our graphing unit.  This is one of my FaVoRiTe units to teach because my students just seem to get it every year.  They also love rolling and graphing and creating their own graphs.  I'm using my winter roll and graph packet and my winter accessories roll and graph packet.  The winter accessories roll and graph packet is a freebie on my Facebook page. I also have 2 review centers during my math center block.  We finished up my winter centers last week, so now I will be using Amy Lemon's this week.  

In science, we are finishing up our weather unit.  We are still working on severe weather.  I found Hope King's weather packet last week and it is adorable.  I wish I would have seen this earlier.  It is absolutely amazing and exactly what I needed to teach my weather unit. 
In writing, we are writing fictional stories.  These are so cute.  I cannot wait to share some of them with you.  We read Arnie the Doughnut (highly's too cute) and they chose an object from a bag to personify.  

Our WORD chunk this week is the ong/ung sounds.  

AND....Tuesday is our 100th day of school.  I will be using these two packets.  So hard to believe it has already been 100 days.  Wow!
What are you teaching this week?  

Lots of love,

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