Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Take Me Back Tuesday

Hello, Friends!

First, I need to say WAHOOO for finally being on Thanksgiving break.  I am in need of a break. I love my little friends, but I need a few days to just do nothing.  Absolutely, nothing. :-)

Also, Brayden is feeling much better today.  Thank you for all of your sweet comments. The winner of my Money Lap Book is Mrs. McNatt.  You didn't leave me your email address, so make sure to leave me a comment with your email so that I can send it your way. :-)

I am linking up with the fantastic Hope from 2nd Grade Shenanigans for her Take Me Back Tuesday.  

It is FREEZING here in good 'ol South Carolina. It is currently 45 and raining.  It was quite a yucky day.  So, I was looking back at my old posts and found one titled "Baby It's Cold Outside".  Perfect!  I'm getting ready to pull this packet back out.  


Hello, friends!

It's cold here in South Carolina.  No, it's not snowing.  But, I am FREEZING!! Being from South Carolina, I get cold VERY easy.  It is currently 43 degrees and I am freezing.  The strong winds isn't helping the situation either. So, Brayden and I are wrapped up nice and warm and currently watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, his favorite.  Since I was cold, I began thinking about my next packet and I can't wait to use it when my kiddos return in January.  I finally finished it this morning. :-)

My students watched Frosty the Snowman before we left for Christmas break and I heard them talking about how "cool" it would be to make a snowman come to life.  Hence, my inspiration for my writing packet.

Here is a preview of everything that's included in the packet.




The packet includes two writing prompts-'How to Build a Snowman' and 'How to Make a Snowman Come to Life'.  Click on the picture below to download it from my TPT store. 

And...the first two people to tell me what they are looking forward to most on Christmas will get my packet for free.  I am most looking forward to watching Brayden on his first Christmas and figuring out what my husband bought me for Christmas. 

Lots of love,


  1. Glad I hopped over from Hope's Linky! I grew up in Sumter and have family that lives in the area where you teach! Hope you're enjoying your Thanksgiving break! Happy teaching! =)

    A+ Firsties

    1. Glad you stopped by! Nice to hear that you have family up here. I hope that you have a great Thanksgiving as well!