Friday, July 12, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday

Happy Friday, Friends!

Every year before school starts back, I have a terrible dream. Last night was that night.  I must be getting nervous already because I usually don't have these dreams until later on.  It was an AWFUL dream.  I lined my kids up after lunch and wound up talking to a teacher.  The students decided to leave.  Some of them went to the guidance counselor, some of them were in our were fighting.  When I woke up I was still trying to find my new kiddos before I had to tell our administration that I lost my class. Craziness! 

Since it's Friday, I am linking up with Cara from The First Grade Parade of show off some of my favorite pins from the week.  Finally an excuse to pin...which I am an expert at. ;-)

Favorite School Pins:

I've shared that I will be implementing the Daily 5 into my classroom.  I found this adorable timer from Made for 1st Grade.  Click on the picture to check it out.  I love me some cute timers!

Love this to keep kids on track during daily 5, then I wouldn't have to ring the bell. Perfect now that we have LCDs!
I also came across the contract for Daily 5 from First Grade Rocks.  What a great way to keep my students accountable! Click the picture to go check it out!
First Grade Rocks: Daily 5 Contract

Favorite Food Pins:

I've been attempting to make my own dressings for a little while.  I came across this one and can't wait to make it.  I love vinaigrette dressings. This recipe comes from Closet Cooking.  I love that title! Click the picture to check out this Raspberry White Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing. 
 Raspberry Balsamic Vinaigrette

I love, love, love shrimp!  I can't wait to make this Honey Lime Shrimp.  Sounds DELICIOUS! Click the picture to go check it out!
Honey Lime Shrimp. The most amazing ingredients in one bite. (Serve over brown rice with veggies or add to a salad.)

I didn't come across a lot of fashion that I wanted to pin or anything for Brayden.  I had food and school on the brain this week.  So, check out these funny e-cards. Click the picture to check them out. 
I kill every plant that I touch!  This describes me oh so well. Haha!
haha this made my day
I can name a few people in my life who this can pertain to.  

I hope that everyone has a GREAT day!

Lots of love,


  1. Jeannie, I have started having those "first days" nightmares too! I had one the other night about sone sort of PD and things were really weird! I love shrimp too! Your pin looks yummy! When's lunch?!


    An Apple a Day in First Grade

    1. Glad I'm not the only one having strange dreams. Lunch is soon! ;-)

  2. Jeannie!!! Oh my goodness!!! Look at your little self clip art!!! It looks just like you!! It is so adorable! Cutest thing I've seen all day! Did you make it yourself?!?!

    Mrs. Black's Bees

    1. I can't draw stick people, lol! My friend Crystal from The Library Fox made it for me. Here's the link to get you one.

    2. Thank you so much for the link! I may just have to get one! :)

  3. I can never sleep right before the first day of school because my mind is racing 100 miles a minute! Sorry you're already having the bad dreams.

    Oh, and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who kills everything she touches. Our gardens look pretty good now, but that's because I've learned which flowers come back every year and don't need ANY maintenance - day lilies. They're the easiest ever!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late
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    1. I might need to try some day lilies. I really do kill every plant.

  4. I thought I was the only one that had back to school nightmares. There is one I have repeatedly the first few months of school: I wake up and it's the last day of school, and I'm so excited and keep thinking to myself that the school year just sped by. Then I really wake up. It's awful!

    The 85 Mile Commute

    1. Glad to know that I'm not alone with the school related bad dreams. Your dream sounds awful, too!

  5. Aw, Noah and Allie! Such a great movie!! I'm sorry about the nightmare, fingers crossed you don't have any more!


    1. I LOVE The Notebook. Such a sweet love story. I'm hoping that's the last of my nightmares.