Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Currently

I cannot believe it is already June.  This school year has literally flown by.  This is my last week with my hard to believe.  But, bring on SUMMER VACATION.  

I'm linking up with Farley for this months Currently.  I just love reading what everyone is currently doing.

I am currently listening to golf on the tv.  I am not a huge fan of golf.  It kinda bores me.  But, my husband loves golf.  Since it's raining today, he can't play golf.  Which means, I'm stuck with watching golf on tv.

I'm loving that this is the last week of school.  Tomorrow is a full day and then we have 3 half days after that.  We've survived another year.  I'm ready for summer.  I'm ready to lounge around at home, eat whenever I want, go places with Brayden, and RELAX.  I'm gonna miss my kiddos, but I'm loving the thought of no school next week.

I'm thinking that I need to go buy me a new dress.  Wednesday is our awards ceremony and I'm thinking that I need to get on the ball and go buy a  new outfit.  

I'm wanting to go to the beach. So is everyone else right??? 

I'm in need of a tan.  I just don't have time to go to the tanning bed.  Now that I have a one year old, I can't lay out in the sun.  I'll just be white at the beach.  I'd love a tan, but i'm okay with my white white skin.

My 3 vacay essentials are flip flops, snack food, and sunglasses.  I love me some flip flops.  I live in the South, so I can wear them all year long.  I get hungry so easily, I need some snack food readily available for me. And, I have a 1 year old.  Remember? Snacks are a necessity to matter where we go.  Last is my sunglasses.  I have such light eyes (either green or blue depending on what I wear) that the sun actually makes my eyes water.  I'm actually missing my sunglasses right now. Ugh! It stinks...I NEED them!

Go link up and tell us what you are doing this month.  I hope everyone has a great day!

Lots of love,


  1. I' m with is boring! Lucky for me my husband isn't a sports fan..he watches fishing like nobody's business though! I can handle it though because it is quiet! Enjoy your last few days of school!


  2. Loving your Vacay necessities. This is going to sound a little ridiculous, but one of my FAVORITE parts of going on vacation is going out to buy snacks beforehand! I. Love. Snacks. Salty, Sweet... I'll take it all! :)

    Mrs. Kelly’s Klass

  3. Whenever I watch golf on TV, I get a nice little nap! Enjoy your last week of school! Hailey from Autism Tank