Saturday, January 26, 2013

What a GREAT week!

Happy Saturday, friends!

I meant to post yesterday, but schools were dismissed at 10:00 due to icy weather hitting where I live.  So, I spent my day playing with my munchkin!  I just love my little man!

This week we talked about Dr. King.  My students had SO much fun learning about him.  We had some great conversations and some conversations I had to stop.  One of my smarties brought up assassination and wanted to know why people kill people.  What a hard question to answer to a 2nd grader!  We discussed how there are some mean people and the world and we moved on.  My smarties were connecting Dr. King with Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, and even Harriet Tubman.  GREAT conversations were happening in my classroom!

We read Martin Luther King books during our Interactive Read Aloud Time.  Here were a couple of our favorites.

I bought the adorable Rachelle's, What the Teacher Wants, mini-unit on Martin Luther King Jr. My students loved reading about Dr. King and making their own mini-book.  LOVED her unit! Definitely check it out, friends!  I was planning on taking pictures of my kiddos and their books on Friday, but since we dismissed at 10:00 that didn't happen.

These past couple of weeks in math we have been learning all about graphs and even getting to create some. Once again, picture opportunities didn't happen on Friday.  I'm hoping to take some pictures this week!  I created a Winter Roll and Graph packet.  When I was in college I visited and got to learn from some of the best teachers.  I remember that one of the teachers I visited had her student rolling a tissue box with sight words on them.  They loved it!  So, I made a winter themed packet for our new unit in graphing for my students to use during their game center (one of my 5 math centers). My students have been rolling around a tissue box with pictures of snowman parts on them and tracking their data.  Such fun!  Pictures to come soon! Next week they will be rolling around different penguins!  :-)  

If you're interested in checking out my newest packet, click the picture below!  

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

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