Saturday, March 8, 2014

Long Time No Blog

Hello, Friends!

I can't believe March is already here. February flew by and I didn't blog at all. Sorry! It was quite a busy month. 

Here's a few things you missed.

It snowed AGAIN! I have lived in the South my whole life and have never experienced this much snow. Ready for Spring!

We were out for Valentine's Day due to the snow so I spent Valentine's day stuck in the house with my munchkin'. My husband brought home pizza, so at least I didn't have to cook. ;-)

Here are the Valentine treats I made my class and Brayden's daycare class. The minions were a huge hit. 

Brayden's teachers got a mug with some hot chocolate. 

At school, the only thing I snapped pictures of  was practicing for our tall tale puppet shows (thanks to Teaching Maddenness for the great idea). They turned out so cute and my kids loved it. Definitely made teaching fables more fun. ;-)

Yesterday, my class took the reading portion of the MAP test. One of my precious students wrote notes to me and her classmates to do their best of the test. Love her!! Such a sweet thing for her to do. 

Finally, check back tomorrow for another great blog hop! 

Lots of love,