Thursday, April 25, 2013

Do You Tableau?

Hello, friends!  

Have you ever heard of tableaus?  My students for the past 4 years have loved planning and creating these frozen pictures.  We have been studying different habitats for about two weeks.  Today, was their time to shine and actually be able to physically show me what they know.

First, let's back it on up!  A tableau is a where students create a still picture of a concept.  I have used them for vocabulary words, famous people, animals, and many other concepts.  Tableaus are such a fun way for students to actually be able to show that they know what concept you are reviewing is while having tons of fun. You can create a tableau of pretty much anything!

So, back to my classroom today.  Tomorrow is the big test on habitats.  My smarties are ready!  To review today, I had them plan with their groups for 5 minutes.  Then, they took about 2 minutes getting their tableau ready. Next up, is their finished tableau.  I always ask each student what they are trying to show me.  Their creativity really gets to shine.  You'll be surprised what they can come up with! :-)

Here are my groups planning. 

Next, they began to plan their tableau.

I didn't realize he was blurry.  He was an animal jumping out the water. :-)

And...our final product. 

This group is showing me the rain forest. The girl in the middle is a monkey.  The girl in the jacket is a monkey hanging from the tree.  The boy is a jaguar trying to get the monkey.

This group is showing me the ocean. The girl is the water and the boy is a dolphin jumping out of the water.

This groups created the desert.  The girl standing is the cactus.  The boy is a lizard and the girl is a snake. 

Do you have any fun ways to review before the test?  I hope everyone has had a wonderful day. Tomorrow is FRIDAY!  Woohoo!

Lots of love,