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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Fairy Tale Court

Hello, Friends!

Y'all! We had the best time last week preparing for "court" and then representing our fairy tale characters on trial!  #WILDCARD My students were learning and engaged at the same time.  Win!

We read some original versions of fairy tales and then we read some fractured versions of those same fairy tales.  Can I say that the fractured versions tend to be my favorites? Love them!

My students then chose a character and had to answer a few questions to prepare them for trial.  To do this, they had to find text evidence from their book to prove their case. 

On the day of court, my students came in from recess to find a welcome sign inviting them into the court room.  Then, I started with a summary of why we were here today.  I started with Cinderella and said something like "it has been stated to the court that a certain family member has felt like they have been severely mistreated and did not deserve the extra chores that they were given. The court would like to call Cinderella to the stand first."  After I asked Cinderella some questions, I then called her stepsisters and lastly her stepmother.  My students were then asked to think about the perspectives that they heard to decide whether or not our villains were indeed guilty.  They held up their guilty/not guilty cards.  If the character was found guilty, my arresting officer escorted them off to fairy tale jail.  

My students laughed and got into character.  SO MUCH FUN!

My "jail" was looking through the bars from our stools.  I wore my graduation gown to become the "judge". Simple, simple, simple! How fun would it be to do a Donor's Choose project to get the actual character outfits?!?! Maybe next year!


This was by far one of my favorite lessons that I have taught.  My students had to think of their characters point of view, their perspective, and character traits to describe the other characters.  There was so much thinking involved that they didn't even realize it because they were having so much fun!

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Thanks for stopping by.  Stay warm, my friends!